Ho iniziato a studiare Swift

Non sono mai stato attratto dallo sviluppo mobile eppure, qualche giorno fa, ho deciso di iniziare a studiare Swift per lo sviluppo di app per l’ecosistema Apple. L’ultima volta che ho sviluppato un’app per smartphone e’ stato all’universita’. L’app consisteva in un libretto universitario dove gli studenti - l’avevo sviluppata principalmente per me stesso - potevano registrare i voti che ottenevano agli esami e vedere alcune statistiche come la media.

I started a podcast

Ehm.. I started a podcast! This is something I should have done time ago but I never had the courage. You know, speaking in front of microphone and then let people listen.. It wasn’t my nature. I am not so extrovert. But I decided to break that mental wall and I did it! I recorded the pilot episode with a friend of mine (to better fight the initial embarrassment). The podcast’s name is: Niente di serio, Nothing serious in English.

Teaching a Discord bot how to recognize images

Do you want to have fun? Build bots for Discord! What Discord is Discord is a VoIP application used mainly by gaming communities. I didn’t use it at all before meeting Eddie. He built a bot for its own Discord server and it’s great. While I’m writing this, he’s probably integrating Firebase in it to add some perstistence. Anyway, since I wanted to help him with his bot, I needed to practice so I created my first Discord server and my first bot.

How I turned my Raspberry Pi into a private cloud server

I do like travelling and taking pictures, even if most of them are really pointless 😄 Once back at home, I’m used to move all the pictures I took on my laptop and, after a selection, I upload the best pictures to the cloud. I like using Google Photos. But there’s a problem. Since I use the Free plan, I don’t upload pictures with the original size. It means they lose quality.