My name is Rossano D’Angelo, I come from Italy 🇮🇹 and I live in London, United Kingdom 🇬🇧.

I always hated the “describe yourself in few words”. I have no idea about how to describe myself in a sentence. Maybe is a list of what I like that could define who I am?

I like travelling 🌎, reading manga 📚 - after a brief but instense phase in which I was crazy for Stephen King novels. I still do like them but my attention drives me to something else at the moment.

I like coding 💻 I prefer the front-end development but lately I started taking a look to “the dark side of the moon” (I do like music too 🎵). Java always intrigued me but I never really worked with it. I consume APIs, don’t know how to create them. I’m working on this lack in my professional life.

And finally, yes, I do have a Netflix 📺 account too. Who doesn’t like watching TV series?! I started a campaing called “re-watch them!": I’m re-watching all the TV shows I liked but I watched in Italian. I lost too much because of the translation. Darn it.

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